Garvanza and Highland Park News

The Highland Park News -Herald & Journal for many years served our community. Did you know, York Blvd used to be called New York Street? Follow this link to read an anniversary edition care of UCR Center for Bibliographic Studies and Research.——-en–20–1–txt-txIN——–1
From above anniversary article.

Arroyo Seco Parkway

The Arroyo Seco Parkway was California’s first freeway. It was dedicated on Monday, December 30, 1940.

Where the Tiny Homes are…

LAPL Image LA & San Gabriel RR began service 1885

York and Avenue 64

Avenue 64 was at one time called Mountain at least on maps of Garvanza and York – Pasadena Avenue. The photo below shows Miller’s Hall which was demolished in the 1960’s. The photograph was taken by Anton Wagner in 1932. The photo is available from the California Historical Society.

George Wilson Estate HCM #418

Wilson Estate Train & Williams Porch from Office of Historic Resources file

An appeal by the San Pascual Arroyo Seco Wildlife Preservation group was filed of the 13 unit small lots project in 2019. Neighbors were concerned that the project would remove or cause the death of almost every tree on the lot. Additionally, neighbors did not like the design of the project. Below is brief history of the Wilson Estate , our appeal and the settlement. The new project that was negotiated with the owner calls for 11 units, a revised design and the preservation of the trees at the back of the lot, including protected coast live oaks, a rare and protected Southern California Black Walnut and protected Western Sycamores along with many other mature trees. These trees are home to many birds and squirrels. Many a night we hear a pair of Great Horned Owls frequenting these trees.

On February 17, 1989, the Wilson Estate was designated as Historical Cultural Monument No. 418.

Charlie Fisher on behalf of the Highland Park Heritage Trust recommended the Wilson Estate be designated a Historic Cultural Monument in 1988. We believe a number of the photos from the Office of Historic Resources were from Fisher’s collection or were taken by Fisher.

From the Office of Historic Resources. Summary Report before designation.
George W. and Anna E. Wilson

Tragically, under suspicious circumstances an arson fire destroyed the Wilson Estate on December 14th, 1989. Only the Train and Williams porch and arroyo stone wall remained.

Train and Williams porch after fire
You can view the Train and Williams porch at 616-620 Avenue 66

Next fast forward to 1992

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